New on Tap: Stone Mocha IPA

We just put this on tap. Stone describes their Mocha IPA as “a style-defying Double IPA with Cacao & Coffee.”

Stone Says:
Clearly, style lines have been crossed. Is it half-IPA, half-stout? Not quite. It’s definitely all IPA, but it’s also the best of both styles, making this love child of a beer simply just a beautiful, pleasure-seeking meld of imperial IPA and mocha indulgence. How did we come up with this inexplicably delicious creation? Well, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it exists and that it’s here for you now, thanks to our deliberate disregard for brewing norms. Some things are not meant to be known, just enjoyed…thoroughly.

Mike Says:
I wasn’t sure what to expect. The nose definitely shares that intoxicating coffee/mocha flavor you’d expect from a porter or a stout, but the Mocha IPA drinks shockingly smooth. It’s so smooth that you can’t miss Mocha IPA’s imperial nature… it’s an IPA, but there’s no hop-punch or zinging tang. I’m a little confused why the beer is called Mocha IPA instead of Mocha IIPA or DIPA, especially since we’re talking about 9% ABV. But that hardly matters.

Ultimately, it’s one hell of a beer, probably one of my favorites from Stone. I wonder if we’re missing the right season for the beer — the coffee/chocolate flavor really begs for cooler weather — but you don’t don’t want to miss out on it.