Back on Tap: Ten Fidy

The darker-than-dark stout is back!

Ten Fidy is near and dear to my heart. Back when I first moved to Western Maryland, when we hadn’t yet found local good beer places, my wife did me a favor on her way home from work… she stopped at a liquor store and said, “What’s your best stout?”

The employee knew his stuff, and recommended Ten Fidy. He warned her though, “This is a sipping beer. It’s incredibly strong. But it’s the stoutest stout we have.”

And boy, he was right. Ten Fidy instantly became a favorite to share with friends, family, and fellow draft-heads whose minds I wanted to blow.

At 10.5% ABV, you can see how it earned its name. Hold your glass up toward the sun; no light will shine through. It’s got the consistency of motor oil. If you let a drop fall on a napkin, the rich brown-black of stout spreads across the fabric.

Fans of Ten Fidy and Old Rasputin can argue about which imperial stout is better… but nobody will be disappointed by this incredible brew.